Interactive Sound Design: Brain Exploration on the MS Wissenschaft

Fraunhofer MEVIS, in cooperation with the Universum Science Center in Bremen, has produced an exhibit that will tour around Germany on the MS Wissenschaft science ship (in German) as part of the “New Paths in Medicine” exhibit. The MS Wissenschaft is underway until September 29, 2011 and docks in 35 different cities. Also see the journey route to visit it this summer.

The exhibit from Fraunhofer MEVIS shows a physical 3D model of the brain that can be rotated. This 3D model is outfitted with blue-lit sensors that, when clicked, show on a screen the body parts that are connected to that particular nerve pathway.

The Fraunhofer MEVIS press release can be found in English and German.

Update: Video report of the exhibit from Radio Bremen

The exhibit can be seen at the Haus der Wissenschaft (House of Science) in Bremen. Check out the press release from Fraunhofer MEVIS.

Sound design for this exhibit included custom-synthesized tones for clicking each of the 10 sensors on and off, as well as rotating the device and changing the amount of rendered 3D volume of the brain shown on the screen.

Clicking sensors on the right brain side, three examples

Clicking sensors on the left brain side, three examples

Unclicking (turning off) sensors

Other interesting developed sounds include:

Rotating the base of the physical brain model (style 1)

Rotating the base of the physical brain model (style 2)

Changing the amount of rendered 3D volume of the on-screen brain model

The brain exhibit on the MS Wissenschaft on the Main river in Frankfurt: