Prize-Winning Ideas: FoleySonic and “The Speaking Library”

At the 2010 Campus Ideas Competition (CAMPUSideen) of the Bremen University Initiative for Entrepreneurial Thinking (BRIDGE), my good friend and colleauge Kristian Gohlke and I won two prizes for our ideas and prototypes.

The first was the Sparkasse Bremen Bank’s first prize for Nature and Technology, awarded for FoleySonic. The second was the Grundig Business System prize for “Psst! The Speaking Library”, a concept for a silent library system that makes use of personal handheld devices to deliver information to library visitors through audio without disturbing others.

At the award ceremony demonstrating FoleySonic:

  • Photo copyright Christina Klinghagen

    Press coverage of the event (in German):

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    CAMPUSideen – Bremer Magazine, December 2010