Teaching: Audio/visual Articulation

Teaching at the University of Arts, Bremen. This course is aimed at giving the fundamentals of sound to Digital Media students.

Prize-Winning Ideas: FoleySonic and “The Speaking Library”

Kristian Gohlke and I won two prizes for our entrepreneurial ideas at the 2010 CAMPUSideen idea competition!

Game Sound Design: Loop-based Game Music Composition

To test a new non-linear game music arrangement system, these loop-based game music pieces were composed. Presented at the 2010 Audio Mostly conference on music and interaction in Glasgow, Scotland.

Publication: Track Displays in DAW Software: Beyond Waveform Views

Radical new views concerning alternative use of the track's waveform displays in sound editing software.

Research: Auditory Display for Liver Surgery

Master Thesis: Using methods from auditory display (relaying information through sound) to aid in liver surgery. Image copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS.

Publication: EarMarkIt

An audio-only game set in an open-air market. The game uses a custom wireless motion controller and sound cues for all gameplay.

Publication: FoleySonic

FoleySonic uses motion-control devices like the WiiMote to let sound producers - beginner or professional - a fun and powerful way of adding sound to video.

Publication: Enhanced Control of On-Screen Faders with a Computer Mouse

Intelligent interpretation of mouse movement for virtual faders as used for audio control, with approaches as controllable zoom levels and pseudo-haptic interaction.

Publication: Locating Sounds Around the Screen

Today’s large-size computer screens can display a wealth of information easily enough to overload the user’s visual perceptual channel. Looking for a remedy for this effect, we research into providing additional acoustic cues through surround sound speakers mounted around the screen.

Publication: Atomic Sounds

A categorization of basic sounds to be used as a toolbox of sound samples for media creation