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Mobile Game Soundtrack: Bees Gone Bonkers

Soundtracks to accompany addictive, bubble-popping bee madness.

iOS Mobile Game Sound Design: Reiner Knizia’s Color Conquest

Sound design and "dreamy, ethereal" soundtrack for cult German game designer Reiner Knizia's new iOS game, Color Conquest

Teaching: Audio/visual Articulation

Teaching at the University of Arts, Bremen. This course is aimed at giving the fundamentals of sound to Digital Media students.

Prize-Winning Ideas: FoleySonic and “The Speaking Library”

Kristian Gohlke and I won two prizes for our entrepreneurial ideas at the 2010 CAMPUSideen idea competition!

Electroacoustic Composition: Writer’s Bloco

Common objects found on a writing table are explored through detailed recording and transformed into rhythmic samba instruments.

Game Sound Design: Millionaire

Sound design for a "Millionaire"-style game to be played in a large auditorium.

iOS Sound Design: Duailibi das Citações for iOS

Sound design for a mobile quotation database app

Interactive Sound Design: Spring-A-Jingle

Sound design for an outdoor interactive sound installation with the Agency GfG / Gruppe für Gestaltung, Bremen.

Game Sound Design: Loop-based Game Music Composition

To test a new non-linear game music arrangement system, these loop-based game music pieces were composed. Presented at the 2010 Audio Mostly conference on music and interaction in Glasgow, Scotland.

Interactive Sound Design: Brain Exploration on the MS Wissenschaft

Sound design for a physical 3D model of a brain to help exhibit visitors navigate the brain's functions. Image copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS

Electroacoustic Composition: One Minute

This piece explores the use of two single, short sound samples twisted and mixed into just one minute of music.

Electroacoustic Composition: OV Kaart

Field recordings from Den Haag mashed together with synthesized bees and other goodies

Electroacoustic Composition: Das Schlimmste / The Worst

When we hear another, how do we know that we have heard correctly?

Electroacoustic Composition: In the Analog Studio

Études created in the analog synthesizer studio of the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Publication: Track Displays in DAW Software: Beyond Waveform Views

Radical new views concerning alternative use of the track's waveform displays in sound editing software.

Research: Auditory Display for Liver Surgery

Master Thesis: Using methods from auditory display (relaying information through sound) to aid in liver surgery. Image copyright Fraunhofer MEVIS.

Publication: EarMarkIt

An audio-only game set in an open-air market. The game uses a custom wireless motion controller and sound cues for all gameplay.

Electronic/Live Composition: Guzzgaduh

This composition features two rudimentary marching snare drums in duet, accompanied by electronic music. I explored the different ways that sounds could be produced from the drum, including hitting non-standard parts of the drum such as the side of the drum and the carrier harness.

Film Sound: Garden Eden

How could we grasp eternity? We are living in the past. We are making decision now. We are holding the future in hands. We are all meeting in Garden Eden.

Interactive Sound Installation: Blind Journey

Entering a dark cabin, the visitor puts on a pair of headphones and is transported in the dark to various atmospheres.

Theater Sound Design: Das Schwert / The Sword

Theater sound design for "Das Schwert", July 2010

Publication: FoleySonic

FoleySonic uses motion-control devices like the WiiMote to let sound producers - beginner or professional - a fun and powerful way of adding sound to video.

Publication: Enhanced Control of On-Screen Faders with a Computer Mouse

Intelligent interpretation of mouse movement for virtual faders as used for audio control, with approaches as controllable zoom levels and pseudo-haptic interaction.

Publication: Locating Sounds Around the Screen

Today’s large-size computer screens can display a wealth of information easily enough to overload the user’s visual perceptual channel. Looking for a remedy for this effect, we research into providing additional acoustic cues through surround sound speakers mounted around the screen.

Film Sound: Healing

A girl goes through a city to forget. She is throwing away her past. She got lost and she is not strong enough to live with these feelings, they are too painful for her, therefore she goes through a city to bury her past, her memories.

Publication: Atomic Sounds

A categorization of basic sounds to be used as a toolbox of sound samples for media creation