Publication: EarMarkIt

The fields of both mobile gaming and audio-only gaming have rapidly expanded in the last few years. In this work, we attempt to combine these two fields and present an immersive audio-only game prototype meant for future application in mobile gaming platforms.

The game is based on the scenario of an open-air market, in which the player roams freely by actually walking around, guided by the auralization played back via headphones. We created a wireless stride- and direction-sensing device with attached manual input controls to simulate future mobile gaming devices that allow the user to explore an open space while playing a game.

Presented at the Audio Mostly 2008 conference in PiteƄ, Sweden.

Download the conference proceedings.

Demo at the Audio Mostly conference, 2008:

Getting the custom wireless contoller built – out of an old orange juice bottle, heavy duty telephone cord, and a huge battery/transmitter pack: