Teaching: Audio/visual Articulation

This course is aimed at giving the fundamental groundwork of sound to Digital Media students. Coursework will focus on basics of analog and digital sound theory as well as applications to other Digital Media fields such as film and video, games, storytelling with sound, and art installations. Practical work will introduce students to sound generation with multiple tools and techniques, including recording, editing, and interactive sound programming. Project-based assignments, reading, and sharing will be integral parts of the course.

At the end of the course, students should be familiar with the following topics:

- Basics of analog and digital sound theory
- Operation of field recording equipment and microphones
- Use of multitrack sound software, including editing, mixing, use of effects
- Introductory sound programming, including sound synthesis and sample manipulation
- Sound production for relevant topics such as podcasts, film, games, artistic installations
- Develop and complete a substantial independent project

Students can access the (password-protected) course website at: